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Escape Mutant


David returns to Toronto and visits Caroline and Audrey Graves in hospital and explains to her how NORBAC can help her to fight the HIV injected into her. David returns to NORBAC and he team gets to work sequencing the new strain of HIV. They discover it really is a new strain and that none of the standard anti-retro viral drugs will be completely ineffective against it. Mayko Tran has been following the effects of the mass prion infection to see if anything positive has arisen and apparently IQ spikes have been noted in some of the affected children. David returns to Audrey and explains their findings and ask her to use her influence to get samples of all the cutting-edge HIV anti-viral drugs for NORBAC to test. The team try all the combinations to no avail, worse they discover that this strain is very virulent and Audrey becomes HIV+ within days. Also she must have an emergency Cesarean section to save her baby! Mayko contacts Prof. Simon Jessop, a British neuro-scientist, and invites him to NORBAC to study the IQ spikes. In sheer desperation, to help Audrey, David suggests making drug cocktails from the HIV anti-viral's and more common drugs such as Asprin.


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