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Baby Bomb


Genetisist David Sandstrom is the chief scientist at the prestigious virology/micro-biology NORBAC laboratory which is a joint enterprise between the USA, Canada and Mexico and is responsible for countering bio-terrorism. David's nightmare day begins when his daughter arrives unexpectedly and catches him having sex with Twyla. Whilst trying to reconcile her, he receives a call from NORBAC about an Ebola outbreak that seems to be heading south along highway 17 on its way to Toronto killing everyone in its path! If this wasn't enough, on his was to NORBAC he is intercepted by a teenager who claims to be the son of an internationally renowned geneticist and a clone. The day goes from bad to worse as the death toll continues to rise, his daughter refuses to go home and the teenager turns into a stalker! David and his team struggle to determine how cow-pox can suddenly become as virulent as Ebola but not contain any of the Ebola DNA. Eventually, David has a brilliant idea and uses the analogy of "Grate Aural Sects" and "Great Oral Sex" to explain the new hybrid disease and the race is on to prove it!


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ReGenesis -