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Spare Parts


As the laboratory works flat out to map the new Ebola DNA the search continues for patient zero! A bus pulls into a rest stop in the outskirts of Toronto and a passenger has early symptoms of the outbreak. The bus and passengers are immediately quarantined and NORBAC notified. Is this the break they need? David and his team take samples and detailed medical histories of the passengers to try to identify patient zero. The tests lead the team to Daisy and her baby Miranda as possible carriers of this lethal new virus as both appear to be immune to it! Detailed background checks and microscopic examination of her DNA reveal that the baby Miranda is patient zero. Meanwhile, the teenage stalker and David's daughter Lilith hook up and he provides tissue samples for David to examine to determine if he is a clone. When the enormity of the betrayal is explained to Daisy, she loses it and kills baby Miranda. David tries to stop her and in the process is exposed to the Ebola virus hybrid. Bob's initial tests on the DNA samples leave him puzzled.


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