Subtítulos Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Temporada 1 - Capítulo 4

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Episode #1.4
24 min


Belle is taken aback when her accountant informs her that he is into punishment and would like to engage in a sado-masochistic scenario with himself as her slave. She is inexperienced and is put in touch with the domineering Madame Sirona, who turns up at Belle's flat with her 'slave', a scantily-clad, shaven-headed man, whom she humiliates to his satisfaction by way of demonstration. Before the accountant returns Belle meets her friend Ben, who tells her he is getting married. She is annoyed that he had not told her sooner, and further annoyed when he rings her as she is about to engage in her session with the accountant. In her anger she knocks him around more than she had intended and feels the need to apologize to him but he is perfectly satisfied, believing it to be part of her act.


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Secret Diary of a Call Girl S01 E04 WS Xvid DVD