Subtítulos Sanctuary, Temporada 1 - Capítulo 4

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Folding Man
45 min


After a man makes an impossible escape - the police actually cornered him after a store robbery in a small room with no other doors or windows and only a small vent. By the time the police entered, he was nowhere to be found. For Will the case is eerily familiar to one he worked on when he was with the FBI. Men who had broken into a bank vault managed to escape, much to Will's embarrassment and how it was done was impossible to determine. Dr. Magnus is aware of this type of abnormal called folding men - who can change their body shape to go through very small openings - and there is even a small community of them living nearby. It also seems that the leader of the folding men who were involved in the most recent escape is the same man who escaped from the bank vault in Will's case.


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