Subtítulos Sanctuary, Temporada 1 - Capítulo 6

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45 min


The sanctuary team respond to a call for help from a cargo ship and arrive by helicopter only to find that everyone on board has died a violent death. There are several now empty animal cages in the cargo hold but a few are occupied - by creatures they have never before seen. Two of the creatures are cute little things that Ashley calls nubbins. They soon reproduce a litter of 14 little ones and in general, the nubbins have an interesting effect on those around them. When they escape from their cages, they have a major problem on their hands. Dr. Magnus meanwhile that she has been asked in a will to perform an autopsy on Maurice MacRae who was convinced he was an abnormal. His granddaughter Sophie stays at the sanctuary until the autopsy is finalized but senses something strange about the the place. This proves essential to bringing the nubbins under control.


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