Subtítulos The Closer, Temporada 2 - Capítulo 6

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Out of Focus
60 min


Brenda and the priority murder Squad investigate the death of a paparazzo who fell - or was pushed - off of his hotel room balcony. The dead man, Anthony Larson, made his living photographing celebrities and then selling the photos to the news agencies or magazines. The hotel he was in specializes in providing celebrities with a private environment so right off the bat, Brenda is facing a less than cooperative hotel management. Particularly puzzling is that the man's very expensive Nikon camera is missing. The investigation focuses on a major star who was of particular interest to Larson to the point that there was even an injunction against him keeping him away from the star's house. Although the memory card is missing from the dead man's camera, photos provide the vital clue that leads to an arrest. Meanwhile, Brenda is upset with Fritz when a woman leaves a message oh his answering machine confirming a dinner engagement.


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