Subtítulos The Closer, Temporada 1 - Capítulo 11

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L.A. Woman
English, Persian
46 min


Brenda and the Priority Murder Squad investigate the killing of an Iranian businessman who was shot in a parking garage by someone driving by in a dark SUV. The cables had been cut to the video surveillance cameras so the only witnesses to the shooting were the dead man's widow Layla Moktari and a doctor, William Graham, who had offered assistance. She also has to deal with Layla's son Faraz who is now the male head of the household and isn't very cooperative with the authorities. Brenda's other big problem is the FBI. They clearly had an interest in the victim but agents from the Terrorism unit are very close-mouthed and refuse to share any information. Things get complicated when her boyfriend Fritz is assigned as the official liaison with the LAPD for the case.


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1.11 L.A.