Subtítulos Pushing Daisies, Temporada 1 - Capítulo 7

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Smell of Success
60 min


Napoleon LeNez is a smell expert who's about to publish a self-help book on how smells can stir up beloved memories. A few days before the release of the book, one of his students, Anita Grey, tragically dies in a mysterious explosion. Her mother calls Emerson and Emerson, Ned and Chuck talk to Anita who tells them she died while scratching a scratch-and-sniff patch of the self-help book. Emerson concludes someone was trying to kill Napoleon LeNez instead of Anita. Meanwhile, Ned and Olive still don't fully know how to react to each other because of their kiss and, to Ned's dislike, Chuck wants The Pie Hole to start serving cup-pies.


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Pushing Daisies 1x07 - Smell Of