Subtítulos Stargate Atlantis, Temporada 2 - Capítulo 10

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The Lost Boys
44 min


Teyla got a tip about a ZPM and she and Sheppard, McKay and Ronon are about to meet her contact in a forest. Suddenly the team gets stunned and is gated to another planet by a group of men. When they awake they meet Ford. He's been busy and has set up his own army of men enhanced by the Wraith enzyme. They even have living Wraith in the compound to harvest the enzyme. Ford still wants to convince Sheppard the enzyme is the solution in beating the Wraith. He forces McKay, Ronon and Teyla to take the enzyme so Sheppard can notice the effects. Then Sheppard, Ronon and Teyla are taken on a mission to raid a Genii warehouse. One of the team members, Kanayo, tells they are gathering supplies for a plan of Ford.


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Stargate Atlantis S02E10 - The Lost