Subtítulos Stargate Atlantis, Temporada 4 - Capítulo 7

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45 min


Dr. Jennifer Keller goes on her first off-world visit accompanying Teyla on a visit to her people on New Athos. Her apprehension over visiting a strange planet increases considerably when they arrive to find the village deserted. It has all of the appearance of an attack, perhaps by the Wraith, but there are certain anomalies. They eventually find one survivor who Teyla knows is not an Athosian. He eventually admits that he is a Genii spy, Nabel Golan, who had infiltrated the Athosians to gather intelligence. Jennifer insists on treating his wounds and Teyla reluctantly agrees though she doesn't trust him, with good reason as it turns out. Their immediate concern however is the Bola Kai, a warrior tribe that claims to have arrived after the destruction of the village.


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