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Secrets of the Heart
Canada, Ireland
57 min


After Surrey leads an ill-advised offensive in France against superior forces, a board of inquiry relieves him of command, censures him for leaving the battlefield, and strips him of title of Knight of the Garter. Despite the defeat, Henry is able to get good terms from the French through a diplomatic negotiation which will eventually cede Boulogne back to France. Still chaffing at the verdict against him and believing that ailing Henry will die before the Prince comes of age, Surrey plots with other disgruntled nobles to attack Windsor and take custody of the future King. His plot is discovered, and he's imprisoned in the Tower awaiting trial. Bishop Gardiner gets the King's permission to arrest, question, and torture Anne Askew, an outspoken Lutheran Reformationist. Through her, Gardiner hopes to uncover evidence against the Queen's household, her sister, and ultimately the Queen herself.


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The Tudors 409 Secrets of the