Subtítulos CSI: Miami, Temporada 3 - Capítulo 13

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Cop Killer
43 min


During a routine traffic stop, Miami PD Officer Insko is brutally shot twice, then his 17 year-old 'observer' patrol car passenger Patrick Brookner abducted in a stolen car traced despite false number plates to the 16 year-old school girl Missy Marshall, part of whose drivers license was left on the cop's corps. She says the shooting was done by the seductive John 'Jojo' Johnson she met only recently. Insko's police gun is found on petty thief Jake Mann, who is identified by Missy as Jojo, but is wasn't even drawn till after the murder. In fact Missy and the real John 'Jojo' Johnson, not Jake, regularly stayed since two months in a hotel room, where things point to mini-mart robberies she now confesses. When Patrick is found tape-tied but unhurt after another robbery where the clerk was badly shot, Horatio suspects him too, but the gruesome truth is even more twisted and its discovery followed by a second murder...


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