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A More Perfect Union
60 min


Thanks to her mother, Alicia finds herself representing software coders for software developer Blowtorch. It all started when Charlene Peterson's husband Frank was killed in a car accident after working excessive hours. The employees, including Charlene, are looking for better working conditions, overtime etc... but when Alicia and Cary meet their lawyer - Alicia's nemesis Nancy Crozier - all 20 employees involved are fired on the spot. They all end up in front of the NLRB arguing that Blowtorch fired the employees when they were trying to form a union. The case has some blow-back on the firm however when the assistants demand better pay and working conditions. Even Kalinda is seriously thinking of leaving Lockhart Gardner and accepting an offer from Cary and the other fourth year associates who are looking to start a new firm. On the campaign trail meanwhile, the election is only two weeks away and Peter needs Alicia's help.


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The Good Wife 4x21 - A More Perfect