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Runnin' with the Devil
60 min


Alicia and Cary take the lead in representing Lemond Bishop at his preliminary hearing in Federal Court. Felicia is surprised to find that she's up against her nemesis from law school, U.S. Assistant Attorney Liz Lawrence. They don't expect to win at this stage but they should get a good idea of the Justice Department's case. Bishop asks that another lawyer, Charles Lester, join her in in his defense. The bumbling and seemingly harmless Lester accompanies Alicia as she interviews the prosecution's witnesses. When each of those witnesses change their stories on the stand, she begins to wonder just what Lester is up to. At the the firm, the partners argue over whether they should re-acquire the office space they gave up during bankruptcy and also decide to hire a second investigator.


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The Good Wife S04E16 720p HDTV X264