Subtítulos Buffy, la cazavampiros, Temporada 5 - Capítulo 10

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Into the Woods
60 min


After the surgery of Joyce, the surgeon tells Buffy, Dawn, Riley, Giles, Willow and Xander that the procedure was successful and the brain tumor had been totally removed, and Joyce would stay in the hospital for observation. While Anya and Xander lodge Dawn, Buffy and Riley spend the night together in her house. However, the snoopy Spike sees Riley leaving Buffy's place in the night while stalking her, and finds that Riley is addicted in vampire bite in a junkie nest where people pay to be bitten by vampires. He discloses the truth to Buffy, and she breaks with Riley after and argument. When the Initiative invites Riley to go to an operation in Belize, he gives an ultimatum to Buffy about the future of their relationship.


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BtVS 5x10 Into the