Subtítulos Buffy, la cazavampiros, Temporada 2 - Capítulo 15

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60 min


While Xander and Cordelia make out in the woods in her dad's car, they are attacked by a giant werewolf, who also killed various animals, on the night before the full moon. Giles insists no silver bullets, as a werewolf remains an innocent human except for three nights per lunar month, an ethical consideration wasted on former ivory poacher Kane, who wants his twelfth werewolf kill for the fur. Xander suspects and confronts school bully Lary, but finds out his secret is in fact queerly innocent and worth keeping. When they check the corps of Theresa, the only human fatal victim, Xander saves Buffy staking her: she's a vampire, attacking courtesy of her sire Angelus... After Oz wakes up naked in the wood, his aunt confirms Jordy is a werewolf too, but Willow is trough waiting for him to make the first move...


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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2 Episode