Subtítulos Buffy, la cazavampiros, Temporada 2 - Capítulo 12

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Bad Eggs
60 min


While Buffy is in trouble with her mother, who believes she's too selfish to think of anything else then boys and clothes (she wished it were true!) and resorts to grounding (ignoring Angel's window visits), the brothers Lyle and Tector Gorch, who murdered an entire Mexican village even before they turned vampires, are spotted, presumably attracted by the Hellmouth. Meanwhile a teacher who worries about irresponsible teenager sex, as Xander and Cordelia -still passionately despising and kissing each-other- verbally demonstrate in class to think only of superficial risks, resorts to the parenting eggs trick, only absent Buffy is a 'single mother'. Of course in Sunnydale the eggs turn out to be not poultry but something nasty, dangerous and mysterious, even after boiling as Xander did to facilitate parental care, of the body snatching order...


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Buffy 2x12 Bad Eggs