Subtítulos Buffy, la cazavampiros, Temporada 2 - Capítulo 10

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What's My Line?: Part 2
60 min


The girl who attacked Buffy turns out to be no vampire but another slayer, Kendra, who assumed her duty while Buffy was drowned dead for a minute and works far more by the book Buffy ignored even to exist. Angel fears to die as the rising sun reaches into his holding place, but is dragged out in time by snitch Willy, only to be sold to Spike, who needs Drusilla's sire to revitalize her in a demonic ritual in an abandoned church which will kill Angel, and allows her first to enjoy torturing the shirtless hunk with holy water. Helping Cordelia escape the maggot-made Taraka order-killer makes Xander spike their formally continuing hatred with hot kisses, twice, a female killer fails to kill Buffy as police recruiter on career day...


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