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The Boys of Sudworth Place
40 min


The BAU is called to Boston, Massachusetts, where former prosecutor turned defense attorney Jack Westbrook has just been abducted in a convenience store parking lot. He was in the process of a 911 call to report his car being vandalized at that very moment when he was abducted, which to the team means that he is probably still alive and that his abduction was targeted by the vandal. From the sounds on the 911 call recording, they can tell that there are at least two unsubs. In speaking to his seven month pregnant wife Linda and looking at his background, they see that he has led a model life including a 94% win rate, but could easily be a target of those few he was unable to get off, or in turn those that he formerly prosecuted. However, in digging a little deeper, they find that Jack has led a secret life, most specifically in the form of an apartment unknown to Linda, which they assume is a love nest. But what that secret life entails takes a turn and explains the reason for the man cave decor when they discover more evidence in the apartment. With that secret the motive, the BAU has to dig a little deeper into Jack's past to narrow the possibility of who the specific unsubs are and where they are keeping Jack. They end up working toward the salvation of the unsubs as much as for Jack's safe return.


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Criminal minds