Subtítulos Criminal Minds, Temporada 10 - Capítulo 13

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Nelson's Sparrow
43 min


The BAU team members convene at Gideon's isolated cabin where his murdered dead body was found, he killed by multiple gunshots. Each team member, especially those that knew him personally, grieves in his or her own way while they all investigate his murder. While Garcia tracks his last driving trip which included an extended stop in Roanoke, one hour away from his cabin, Hotch speaks to Gideon's now grown son, Stephen Gideon, and Rossi and Morgan examine the crime scene, most specifically trying to sequence the series of gunshots which led to Gideon's death. In piecing together all the information, Rossi believes Gideon was trying to send a message to them before being fatally shot, Rossi who travels back in time to a case the two worked on in 1978 when the BAU was then known as the Behavioral Science Unit. The unsub in that case, he who was never caught, was obsessed with birds, and strangled twenty-something Plain Jane, insecure, brunette women. The recent death of a woman leads the team, and probably Gideon before them, to believe she had been held captive by the unsub all these years, and that he may now be looking for a replacement. They have to continue to think like Gideon to find the unsub and who they believe is the woman he recently kidnapped as the replacement.


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