Subtítulos Criminal Minds, Temporada 10 - Capítulo 23

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The Hunt
41 min


Kate receives a text from Meg of what is the beginning of their emergency code word. Kate does quickly discover that it is not Meg acting out as she has been of late, but that she and her best friend Markayla are in trouble, having been seen voluntarily getting into an unknown van, shortly before their cell phones went dark. The BAU is certain they were abducted when Garcia discovers that both Meg and Markayla's computer activity has been wiped clean, the thought being that they met their abductors through social media. Evidence from one of their friends leads to Kate knowing that the abduction has to do with one of their old cases, the torso killings, which Kate investigated further on a tangential issue. As such, they believe Meg and Markayla were abducted by a sex trafficking ring. Looking into an associated issue, they eventually come to the realization that it is not sex trafficking, but trafficking of a more dangerous variety. Regardless of the nature of the trafficking, they know that finding the abductors may not be the end of the road. As Kate deals with this case from home on orders from her doctor, she hopes she taught Meg well enough in how to deal with the situation to buy them some time.


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