Subtítulos Criminal Minds, Temporada 9 - Capítulo 1

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The Inspiration
41 min


Since Strauss' death, Hotch has been doing double duty. He has been asked to fill her position permanently - the only member of the team who he has told being Rossi - which he is seriously considering, if only to provide more time to spend with Jack, and to prevent an outsider from putting an unwanted administrative eye on the team. He will have time to contemplate this potential move when the team travels to Glendale, Arizona on their latest case. Two single, young women in individual cases were found in parks, each raped, shot through the heart, and placed in a praying/begging position postmortem. A third victim is found by the time they reach Glendale and a fourth shortly thereafter. Beyond the third victim being married, albeit separated from her husband, the team finds other similarities, namely that the victims were forced to eat human flesh, all from the head. The team believes that there is one single human head being used, that belonging to whoever the unsub's first victim yet to be found, and that uncovering her identity will provide necessary further clues as to the identity of the unsub.


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