Subtítulos Criminal Minds, Temporada 9 - Capítulo 2

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The Inspired
42 min


The team is called back to Glendale, Arizona, when it is determined that who was arrested for the praying mantis murders was the wrong person. They did not apprehend Wallace Hines as they thought, but rather Jesse Gentry, who they learn is Wallace's twin brother and was given up for adoption when he was a child. The two did not know of the other growing up. A paralegal, Jesse has a strong legal team, headed by his boss Mark Anderson, who threatens to sue the FBI if they continue to "harass" Jesse in any way. The team knows that Jesse is involved in the case in some manner as his reappearance after all these years cannot be coincidental. They also learn that Carla Hines is not as innocent as she first appeared, as in their search for Wallace and going through her house, they find that she tried to burn evidence, the nature of that evidence which they do not know. But they determine that that evidence probably has to do with whoever the twins' biological father, whose identity Carla has never divulged.


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02 - The