Subtítulos Criminal Minds, Temporada 9 - Capítulo 24

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English, Spanish
42 min


In the aftermath of the shootout the authorities have with Preacher Mills, several people are down. Among the dead are Mills himself and Sheriff Coleman, and three people associated with the pool hall. Injured is Morgan. But seriously injured is Reid, whose shooting Blake blames on herself as he pushed her out of harm's way. What the BAU is able to determine is that the three pool hall victims were dead before the shooting started, which confirms their theory that Mills was being framed by the true unsub, that the unsub was at the scene among the shooters, and that Dinah Stidham is connected as the only person associated with the pool hall who was not there. When they eventually catch up with Dinah, they can see that she is scared but does know much about what is going on. The nature of how she was located leads to the team coming up with a new theory, one where they have to find a way to make Dinah talk while protect her while she is in the unusually unsafe police station, and protect Reid who the unsub will also be after.


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