Subtítulos Criminal Minds, Temporada 8 - Capítulo 5

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The Good Earth
42 min


In four separate incidents, four men have gone missing in La Grande, Oregon, having never made it to their intended destination while driving. The latest missing man, Terry Rodgers, doesn't quite fit the victimology of the first three, who are all middle class healthy family men and long time La Grande residents, whereas Rodgers is single, recently arrived in La Grande, living off the grid, and slightly out of shape, although he was trying to improve his health. His was the only vehicle found, off road, tire tracks from another vehicle found adjacent, and vomit presumed to be his next to his vehicle. Analysis of that vomit shows that it was Rodgers' and he had elevated levels of melatonin in his system - in other words, he was drugged. When a body of one of the men is found drowned, the team comes up with a profile of the unsub. But when another person goes missing who doesn't fit the victimology, that person who is eventually found, the team adds an extra dimension to their unsub profile. It isn't until the other three vehicles are found that the team believes they can narrow down their search and hopefully three still alive men.


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