Subtítulos Criminal Minds, Temporada 7 - Capítulo 23

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It's a lazy Saturday morning, a day off for the BAU. Beth has come over to Hotch's house to spend the day with him and Jack. JJ is playing with Henry while Will goes off to work. Morgan is going through Prentiss' just purchased house with her, the purchase pending the inspection which she seems to want to go badly as she seems to have buyer's remorse. Reid is Garcia's unofficial date to a sci-fi convention since she and Kevin split over his planned marriage proposal. And Rossi is heading home to bed after an all night cigar aficionado event... or so he says to Garcia and Reid, who he runs into. Their collective quiet is shattered when they are called to a botched bank robbery attempt, at which Will and his partner are one of the first on the scene. The reason the team is called in is that this robbery is the latest in a string committed by a group calling themselves the Face Cards, since the three robbers wear a mask of a playing card king, queen and jack respectively. At each of the seven robberies thus far, they have been unidentifiable, and they have killed one person by a gunshot to the abdomen, which the police up to this point considered secondary to the robberies themselves. The three are holed up inside the bank with several hostages, they've killed their trademark one person, they have no way out and the "jack" has a serious gunshot wound inflicted by Will upon his arrival. There is a stated hierarchy within the group, with the "king" the leader. Using recognition software, Garcia is able to identify the two males as brothers Chris and Oliver Stratton, low level criminals. Even after she takes her mask off and plays to the the surveillance cameras, the "queen of diamonds" is unidentifiable. The career status of the brothers and the actions of the queen make the team come to the conclusion that she is really the leader and the one with a hidden agenda beyond her vanity and sadistic streak (as she is the one who has done all the killing thus far). They also learn that she is working with someone on the outside. They have to discover her identity, her motivation, and her outside accomplice before she kills more hostages.


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Criminal Minds [07x23-24] Hit