Subtítulos Criminal Minds, Temporada 7 - Capítulo 20

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The Company
44 min


The team heads to Chicago, Illinois, where Morgan has a personal case on which they should work. His older sister Desiree spotted their cousin Cindi with an unknown black man, she who went into hiding eight years ago after being stalked by a Caucasian man named John Hitchens. Cindi never made it to her safe place, going missing en route. Cindi was thought to have been murdered by Hitchens, who committed suicide two weeks following Cindi's disappearance. Morgan recently reported to his family that Cindi's remains were found during the investigation of another case in which the BAU was involved. When Morgan hears Desiree's story and the certainty that who she saw was indeed Cindi, Morgan has to confess that he lied to his family about finding Cindi's remains in that previous case if only to provide them with some closure. When the team starts their investigation with Hitchen's suicide, they find that the high powered gun used, overkill for a suicide attempt, was not purchased by him but by a man named Malcolm Ford. In following that lead, they find evidence that Ford - who probably killed his competition Hitchens - and Cindi are now on the run, and that he is involved in an organization called The Company, which deals with female slavery. The primary challenge the team faces is trying to get years of conditioning that she is indeed his slave out of Cindi's psyche, especially as she seems a willing partner to Ford. One as of yet unknown factor makes the BAU's job even harder.


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