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God Complex
42 min


The team is called to work on a case on the Mexico border, where two otherwise previously healthy men were found with their right leg amputated. One man did not survive the "operation" while the second, college student Tony Anders, only remembers bits and pieces in what he previously thought was a nightmare. The nature of both amputations show the team that the unsub has some knowledge of anatomy, but it is unclear if the unsub is/was a medical doctor. But when a third victim stumbles into a hospital, the team has a slightly clearer picture of the unsub's motives: he is trying to do live leg transplants, which is medically impossible, leading the team to believe the unsub has a God complex. They have to figure out how he is choosing his victims, and the reason he is trying to perfect this operation before they can find him himself. A secret relationship of Reid's provides a little assistance on the case, at the risk of the team discovering this relationship Reid wants kept secret and which he does not fully comprehend himself.

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