Subtítulos Criminal Minds, Temporada 8 - Capítulo 11

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The BAU travels to the southeastern US where two similar murders of two very different victims - beyond both being involved with extreme religions - have happened 100 miles apart in the matter of days. Both victims were killed by being chiseled over the head, were in a submissive position, had urban wildlife hair residue in their system, and had wood residue in their back teeth (signifying that they were biting on a stick). And at each crime scene, there was an infestation of maggots inconsistent both with the location and the amount of decomposition, meaning that the unsub brought the maggots to the kill sites. When a third victim is discovered upon the BAU's arrival, they further learn from witnesses that the unsub is calling his victims by a name other than their own, and that he is being quite open about his activities. The BAU notices that many of the murders are reminiscent of the serial killings of Russell Smith, who killed eight prostitutes in the area over a twenty year period, but who died twenty-five years ago. The BAU has to figure out the unsub's connection to Smith and tie in the significance of the maggots to find the unsub before he kills again. Meanwhile, the team learns some disturbing news about some of their past cases.


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