Subtítulos 1958 - Venezia, la Luna E Tu (Venezia, la luna e tu)

Descarga subtítulo en espańól para Venecia, la luna y tu (Dino Risi, 1958) castellano (parte 1)

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Venice, the Moon and You
Italy, France
107 min


Bepi is a gondolier and he wants to marry Nina. Bepi, however, likes exotic girls. So Nina, after a fight with Bepi, decides to marry Toni who is richer, who is liked by her family and who is the owner of a motor-boat. But when all the difficulties appear to be worked out and the marriage date is settled, a problem arises: Bepi is engaged at the same time to Nathalie, Janet and, of course, Nina. Will Bepi be able to wiggle out of his dangerous position, to marry the woman he really loves?


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Venecia, la luna y tu (Dino Risi, 1958) castellano (parte 1).srt