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The Big Bonanza
60 min


The agency has now been open for two months and Precious is still trying to drum up business. She decides to advertise and hires young Wellington to distribute handbills for her. Cases continue to trickle in. She investigates a Nigerian dentist, Dr. Komoti, whose receptionist claims is hurting patients. She poses as a patient herself but finds the doctor to be quite professional. She follows him and does find it odd that he makes frequent short trips by car to neighboring South Africa. There she finds double trouble. She also gets hired by someone whose dog has gone missing. The man's wife is beside herself and while Precious doesn't fancy herself a dog catcher, she decides to take him on as a client. Wellington solves the case. When she sees a crying woman reading one of her leaflets, Precious gets a case of a missing husband. The man had joined a new church group and he had never returned from services some two weeks before. The problem is all in the water.


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TN1LDA 1x01 The Big