Subtítulos Witchblade, Temporada 1 - Capítulo 1

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46 min


Det. Sara Pezzini is slowly learning more about the witch blade. She also finds herself before a hostile review board as they try to piece together what happened at the Rialto Theater. She is saddened to learn that her mentor, Captain Joe Siri, is retiring and he leaves her something from her father. When Sarah and her new partner Jake McCartey answer a call to a shooting scene, they learn of a now defunct secret military program to create assassins known as the Black Dragons. One of the remaining Dragons, Hector Mobius, seems to be on the rampage and whom is planing to target the shady Kenneth Irons and his shadowy right-hand man Ian Nottington whom continues to give Sara dubious advice on how to access the Witchblade, while Sara's deceased former partner, Danny Woo, continue to appear occasionally before her as a ghost to offer more advice.


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Witchblade - 1x01 -