Subtítulos The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, Temporada 1 - Capítulo 4

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Problems in Moral Philosophy


Precious is hired by Mme Pekwani who thinks her husband has bought a stolen car. He says he got it from a friend but the price is much too cheap and she is concerned that he may be involved in something. When they check the vehicles serial number, they learn that it was carjacked in South Africa with a young child in the backseat. In another case, the agency is hired by Rra Badule to look into where is wife is getting the money to pay for their son's schooling and for paying her credit cards. He suspects that she is seeing another man. Precious asks Grace to follow the woman to see what is going on. The break-ins in the local shops continue with Mr. Patel the latest victim. He in turn wants Precious to find out if his 16 year-old daughter is seeing a boy. Now that she is an assistant detective, Grace goes to the beauty parlor and gets a new look.


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TN1LDA 1x04 Problems in Moral