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Egyptian Tomb Raiders & Rent a White Guy
28 min


'Egyptian Tomb Raiders' - In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, countries in the Middle East have seen a surge in the looting of antiquities. In Egypt alone, an estimated $3 billion dollars' worth of artifacts has been plundered--all to feed the global demand for antiquities - especially in the United States. Correspondent Gianna Toboni goes to Egypt to meet some of the people behind the black-market trade - and those trying to preserve what's left of this priceless cultural heritage. 'Rent a White Guy' - Despite the fact that China is on track to dominate the world's economy, the country looks at the Western white male as a symbol of cultural cachet. Among China's growing upper class, nothing spells 'cool' like importing a European butler, or having a white businessman appear at your event. In fact, you can even rent a white guy by the hour or by the day. Thomas Morton heads to China to check out these unusual jobs, whose only requirement is that the applicant be white and male.

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