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Beneath Her Heart
42 min


Sarah is trying to adjust to Kira willingly cooperating with Rachel, the adjustment made even more difficult as Kira seems to be shutting her out, not telling her or Mrs. S. what she and Rachel do together. Meanwhile, Alison and Donnie are being pressured to give up Helena's hiding place, it unsure if Donnie has told Alison Helena's whereabouts, leaving Donnie the weaker link. With Enger determined to use whatever mechanisms are at her disposal to make Donnie break, Donnie hopes that Art can steer her away from the bodies that are buried underneath the garage floor. Within this situation, Alison is facing a crisis of purpose. Neolutionists widely regard her as the unnecessary one among the surviving sisters - Cosima's scientific knowledge and Sarah and Helena's fertility being beneficial to the project - she is feeling shunned by her neighbors in Bailey Downs, they who were once her entire life, and she is feeling guilt in her role in Aynsley's death, Aynsley who was once her best friend before she wrongly suspected Aynsley as being her monitor. It's that time of the year for the annual fall fun fair which Alison used to organize, but who has been shunned in favor of Nona Walker. Alison has to try to find a way to regain her footing in life within all these items going on, or possibly reach a point of no return in her downward spiral.

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